Our family has expanded through the miracle of adoption. In 2010 our lives were forever changed with the addition of our daughters from Ukraine. Since that time, it has been our joy to walk with other families through their adoption journeys. We have a lot of adoption info on our Adoption Blog - More Love to Give. We chronicled not only our 85 days in Ukraine, but the journey leading up to traveling and the journey since. We had an adoption where pretty much everything went wrong, but in the end we watched obstacle after obstacle yield to miraculous provision. We've also written on some of the things we've faced as we transitioned from being strangers to becoming family.

We often say that adoption is both the best and hardest thing we've ever done. We've planted a church, we're getting a mission organization off the ground, we've faced some major health challenges, but adoption takes the cake. We would do it all over again, and we hope our story is an encouragement for others feeling the call to adopt or foster.

We are always happy to talk and/or pray with families who have questions about the process, and we would love to point you in the right direction and help out in any way we can.