30 Days of Thanks - Day 11


I love the contrast in the words used in this Psalm. "My" is in there a bunch of times. Clearly David is focused on his personal needs (and wants) as he pours out his heart in this verse. The truth is we have needs. We have wants. We have struggles. We have fears. We have pains. We have uncertainties. These realities are a part of life. Some seasons give us more of these challenges than others, but these things will always be in play.

The contrast here is that even though all of these needs apply to "My," none of these needs can be satisfied by ME. The needs of ME are only satisfied and met by the sufficiency of HE. HE is the strength and the shield. He is worthy of the faith and trust I place in Him. He is my help. He is the receiver of the songs that I sing. Everything I bring to the table is because of who HE is. I am limited in what I can change. He is limitless. My faith in HIM is what allows me to experience all of these amazing things.

I am thankful for HIM. He is everything that I need. Today, if you need protection, provision, hope, strength, someone to trust, someone to be accepted by...or anything else...maybe it's time to trust Him. Believe in Him. Draw near to Him. This is available for everyone. Today, I'm giving thanks for a God who loves me, looks out for me, who has saved me, and is enough.